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Motivated growers interested in getting better, open to making changes and using technology. Randy wants to pay it forward by sharing what he’s learned, but you have to be willing to participate and engage.


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David Hula is a 3rd generation farmer at Renwood Farms, Inc. located in Charles City, VA. Farming some 4,000+/- acres in Charles City, Henrico, and James City Counties. He was grateful to get to farm with his late grandfather and retired dad and currently farm with two brothers and son. He has been married to Sandy for 30+ years and together have a son, Craig, a daughter, Amber who is married to Robbie and they have a son Wraylan (future fifth generation farmer).

David’s late uncle passed away while he was a senior at NC State getting his Agronomy degree and came back to the farm for about a year to help the family farm out. Wanting to be sure farming was going to be a lifetime commitment he left and worked for the VA Department of Soil and Water Conversation as a nutrient management specialist, focusing on the Chesapeake Bay and how the agricultural producers could positively impact on the bay. Through those 3 plus years he learned a great deal for the area producers, academic universities and private industry and when presented with the chanced to pick up some land and bring back to Renwood Farms it gave him a chance to implement some of those ideas.

With the support and encouragement from both his grandfather and father more intensive farming began. Renwood Farms is primarily known for seed production of soybeans and small grain, seed quality is a driving source of management. Through the last several decades yields and quality have improved with a proven and evolving management system.

Success can be measured in many different ways and when one can take a system approach and duplicate it on another farm in a different county on different soils then one can claim success. David is very excited to help growers break through their own yield barriers. The path of success in corn production started with his grandfather when he was one of the first ones to break 100 bushels and then his dad was soon in the 200 bushel club and today the yields have surpassed 300, 400 and 500 bushels. Yield advancements have also been completed in both soybean and small grain, with yields of 90’s and mid 100’s respectively.

David realizes that with the grace of God and the ability to surround himself with a good team, success is obtainable.


Randy Dowdy is a corn, soybean, wheat and peanut grower from Brooks County Georgia.  His philosophy is to maximize yields by minimizing stress that plants experience throughout the growing season.  Randy has a particular interest in maximizing corn and soybean yields  He has been able to exceed 450 plus bushels per acre of corn on his farm numerous times through a systems approach to growing corn.  In 2014, Randy set a new corn yield World Record and is the first grower ever to surpass 500 bushels per acre and additionally produced 100+ bushel beans in the same year.  He recently achieved the World Record for soybeans with a 171 bushels per acre yield and had 2  2016 NCGA entries over 500 bushels in corn.  Randy gives God all the glory for his success and wants other growers to understand his success is possible on their farms and he is passionate about sharing his practices with growers seeking to increase yields on their farms.
Randy and his wife have a 17 year old daughter and a 22 month old son.

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