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DigiFarm VBN (Virtual Base Network) maximizes RTK correction accuracy and reliability by combining all of the bases in our network with powerful server software to create a virtual base station in close proximity to where you are working. That means you can have an RTK signal anywhere within the DigiFarm network. 




  • Compatible with all major brands of GPS receivers

  • Short baseline distance

  • No need to change radio IDs

  • No line shifts

  • No need for a repeater


There are two types of RTK in the ag market today: Single baseline RTK and a network solution (or a virtual base network -- VBN). The VBN solution is much more reliable and accurate when compared to single base RTK and is the primary choice for many farmers across the midwest.

DigiFarm VBN

How it works

A vast network of DigiFarm base stations send data via the internet into central servers where the data is processed for clients to use. A cellular modem is installed in the tractor cab and is connected to the GPS receiver so that a wireless data connection can be established between the tractor GPS receiver and the DigiFarm servers. 

The GPS receiver on the tractor sends its position into the DigiFarm servers through the cellular modem. The DigiFarm servers respond by creating a virtual base station in close proximity to the tractor and transmitting corrections to the tractor's GPS receiver through the cellular modem. By creating a virtual base station for each vehicle that logs into the network, DigiFarm is able to offer superior accuracy compared to that of a single base RTK provider. This also provides our clients with exceptional redundancy and reliability. 

DigiFarm Beacon v3.0

Seamlessly stream RTK data into any receiver (including John Deere SF3000) without the need for cables. Simply plug the Beacon v3.0 into your receiver, program your login information into the DigiFarm app on your tablet, and hit connect. Within seconds you will be streaming RTK data directly to your receiver. It’s that simple!


The Beacon v3.0 is a ruggedized device that enables a wireless Bluetooth connection between GPS/GNSS receiver and a Bluetooth enabled tablet. The DigiFarm NTRIP app supports the iPad, Android and Windows devices. This bridge allows RTK corrections to be passed through the smart device, eliminating the need for additional data plans, radios, or costly RTK base stations. The NTRIP app is available for free from iTunes.


The Beacon v3.0 is the industry’s first and ONLY Bluetooth device to be MFi (Apple) certified to stream RTK data using a cellular-capable iPad to all major brands of GPS rovers. Because it’s certified by Apple, we are able to use high power class 1 Bluetooth to optimize communication performance between the Beacon and iPad. Devices that haven’t been through this certification run the risk of limited bandwidth, interrupted data flow, and reduced operating range.




  • Use a device that you already own and may already be paying a data plan

  • No need to purchase expensive radios or base stations

  • Cost effective

  • Very fast installation


Key Features


  • Stream RTK through iPad using NTRIP app

  • Class 1 Bluetooth device

  • No cables for Trimble devices

  • Adapter cables for all other brands

  • Ruggedized and weather resistant

  • Also works with Android and Windows devices



The Beacon v3.0 is supported by most major brands of receivers, including but not limited to:


  • John Deere SF3000

  • AgLeader 6500

  • Trimble FmX-Case IH/New Holland FM100

  • Trimble CfX 750-Case IH/New Holland FM-750

  • Trimble-Case IH/New Holland 372

  • Topcon AGI-4

  • Raven 600S

  • Outback Max

  • Outback STX

  • Trimble-Case IH/new Holland 262

  • Trimble 252

  • Trimble EZ-Guide 500

  • Topcon AGI-3

  • AgLeader Paradyme

  • AgLeader GeoSteer

  • AgLeader 2500

  • Outback S3

DigiFarm BR-1 Mini Modem

The BR1 Mini Modem is a WiFi-only modem that supports all precision ag companies who are bringing WiFi enabled displays to the market. This new modem will work with any display that utilizes a WiFi network, including Ag Leader InCommand, Trimble Android displays, the Outback MAX and the Outback Rebel.


The BR1 Mini is a LTE modem that will also fall back to 3G and 1X service, ensuring the very best reliable performance in the most remote areas where RTK service is required. The BR1 Mini supports Verizon, US Cellular and AT&T. 


The BR1 Mini ships with a high gain (double shot glass) antenna to help in weak cellular areas.


Key Features

• WiFi-only modem

• LTE modem with 3G/1X fallback
• Low cost WiFi solution
• Perfect for new AgLeader, Trimble and Outback displays
• Ships with high gain roof antenna
• Ethernet and WiFi Only
• Supports most cellular carriers worldwide

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