Furrow Cruiser Insert

Furrow Cruisers(R) finally have solved the SIDEWALL COMPACTION problem that came  with the development of the double disk opening system on all modern planters.  The "V" created by the opening system on planters causes a compaction zone that is necessary to get the seed down to planting depth.  The problem with this is that current stock rubber tires and cast press wheels cannot consistently crumble and firm this soil back around the seed.  With inconsistent seed-to-soil contact, emergence takes a hit, and yields suffer.

Furrow Cruisers solve this 50 year old problem by using a spike to crumble down the compaction in the sidewall and then having width at the base of the spike to firm the soil around the seed.  Other spikes try to duplicate the crumbling action of our wheels, but leave out the firming action, causing sidewall lift, uneven seed depth. This is why we saw farmers moving to one spike and one press wheel, so that they get crumbling on one side and firming of seed on the other.  With Furrow Cruisers (r) having a wide wheel combined with a spike, we get firming and crumbling on both sides of the seed trench, leading to the best seed depth and most even seed emergence possible.

Furrow Cruiser tooth design has also been optimized to clean out well, so when conditions are more saturated than ideal, the planter can keep running!  The spacing and shape of our tooth is unique to the industry, causing our wheel to yield consistently better than similar products when tested side by side over several years.  When you are planting a year's worth of revenue, don't trust your emergence to anything other than the proven best!

Product Overview

Furrow Cruiser

Copperhead AG's Furrow Cruiser planter closing wheels have solved the sidewall compaction problem that came with the development of the double-disk opening system on all modern planters. The Furrow Cruiser planter closing wheels combine a wide wheel with spiked teeth to provide simultaneous firming and crumbling on both sides of the seed trench. This innovative design is also optimized to clean out well, ensuring that the planter can continue to run even in oversaturated soil.

Cruiser Xtreme

Weighing in at 21lbs each, Copperhead AG's Furrow Cruiser Xtreme is a cast spiked closing wheel with exceptional durability. The planter closing wheel has 14 angular teeth that break up sidewall compaction and close the furrow. The extra weight allows the wheel to penetrate even the toughest field conditions, and the width of the wheel helps with firming of the soil around the seed and prohibits the wheel from rooster tailing or moving the seed.

Drill Cruiser

Grow the population of your plant! Copperhead AG's Drill Cruiser is a high quality cast iron wheel with angular, tapered teeth that provides a unique combination of sidewall crumbling and soil firming. The Drill Cruiser planter closing wheel's angular teeth help prevent clogging and allows it to work in all soil, from sandy to heavy and clay based. It is especially effective in saturated soil.

SFP Cruiser

Copperhead AG's SFP Cruiser planter closing wheel was crafted in response to demand in the anhydrous application world. Farmers contacted Copperhead AG for a solution to the problem of leaching product that resulted from the injection slot remaining open after application. This Copperhead closing wheel is very aggressive and will absolutely crumble and close any type of ground in which you may be applying fertilizer.

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