PinPoint® II

Apply with Precision

Individual nozzle control with the PinPoint II system maximizes efficiency through increased accuracy. 

PinPoint II utilizes Blended Pulse PWM technology to achieve complete individual nozzle control. Real time system feedback is viewed and controlled through the CapView II interactive display.

PinPoint II controls flow and pressure at the nozzle in conjunction with individual nozzle boundary control provides accurate and repeatable application to achieve the desired coverage.  Speed up, slow down, turn, overlap, or any combination of those variables will not effect the consistency built into this system. 

The award winning individual nozzle boundary control software as well as CapstanAG's signature availability and reliability leads the industry in precision application.


  • Wider application speed ranges

  • No over/under misapplication

  • Drift management

  • No crop burn from turning

  • Uniform pressure and droplet size

  • Chemical and time savings

  • User-serviceable valves with common tools 


  • Individual nozzle control

  • Turn compensation

  • Real-time system feedback and diagnostics

  • Individual nozzle boundary control

  • Customized boom configurations based on user inputs

  • Droplet size remains constant through wide speed ranges

  • Blended Pulse technology

  • Constant pressure through entire duty cycle range

  • Rate Sync Predictive flow control


with Rate Sync®

Always the Right Size Droplet

Pressure control at the nozzle with speed anticipating technology offers droplet size control through extended application ranges independent of terrain or field features.

SharpShooter with Rate Sync allows operators the ability to quickly adjust target pressure and duty cycle while viewing real time system performance.

Compared to conventional spraying, SharpShooter with Rate Sync offers solutions to application challenges including excessive spray drift inconsistent application due to speed changes.

Controlled application based on pressure and rate independent of speed provides wider application ranges without sacrificing application quality.


  • Increased application speed ranges

  • Improved application efficiency

  • Chemical and time savings

  • Fewer tip changes

  • Drift management


  • Optimal droplet size throughout application

  • Blended Pulse technology

  • Pressure, rate, and spray pattern kept constant

  • 8:1 speed range over conventional spraying

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