N-Ject® LF

Variable Rate Application

N-Ject LF takes standard liquid fertilizer application and transforms it to sectional control and variable rate on demand as it automatically adjusts liquid flow based on changes in rate or speed.

N-Ject LF uses PWM to function as an automatic-variable orifice, adjusting rate for all your liquid fertilizer application needs.

Utilizing PWM allows for even flow distribution across the toolbar, providing accurate row-to-row uniformity through a wide range of application rates.

N-Ject LF can apply 5-40 GPA running 10 MPH at 40 PSI with 30" row spacing.


  • Variate rate with ease

  • Wide application range

  • Consistent row uniformity

  • Easy operating experience 


  • 5 to 50 GPA response range

  • Instantaneous flow adjustment

  • Flow controller integration

  • Instant ON/OFF control

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