360 Yield Center Bandit

360 BANDIT puts bands of liquid nitrogen in the sweet spot for early root interception and uptake. It streams nitrogen on both sides of the seed, three inches away from the seed. And nitrogen is placed just 3/4-inch below the soil surface - perfect for reducing volatilization and for rapid movement down into the root zone.

The simple application tool mounts to the closing system where it uses row unit and closing wheel pressure to maintain depth - without interfering with gauge wheels or depth settings. A specially-designed, spring-loaded poly tube follows a slot created by a mini-coulter. That assures precise placement.


Putting nitrogen where and when emerging corn plants need it is the key to maximum efficiency. UAN is locked under the soil to eliminate volatilization. Moisture moves nitrogen bands into the root zone and dilutes the solution to prevent root burn or injury.


360 BANDIT mounts to the row unit, in front of the closing wheel. With a spring-loaded coulter and shallow placement, 360 BANDIT doesn't rob downforce from the row unit. Plus, unlike systems mounted behind the closing wheels, there is no impact on closing the trench over the seed. And the compact design ads just inches to transport width on forward fold planters. The compact design also ensures that the coulters and closing system stay on track in curves.

The optional drag chain seals nitrogen and helps cover the seed trench. A flexible extension eliminates the risk of the chain catching on spike wheels.


Adding nitrogen application to the planter eliminates separate, expensive application trips, and it puts nitrogen in the right place at the right time - during emergence and early plant growth.

We've taken what we've learned from the 360 Y-DROP application placement system and adapted it to a system for the planter. The delivery tubes follow the coulter slot. Tension on the tubes keeps them in position over rough terrain and around contours.

The shallow 3/4" placement eliminates the need for excessive weight or downforce. That eliminates risk of interference with the closing system or the row unit's gauge wheel and downforce system.

Available for:
John Deere Max Emerge  //  John Deere 7000  //  Kinze 2000  //  Kinze 3000  //  White 9000  //
Harvest International Laser Pro 1

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